Performance Stage

Three people performing music on the stage A woman playing violin on the stage A man is standing on the stage speaking into the mic Two musicians are playing saxophone and keyboards on the stageg

Entertain and engage your audience by booking Soundbite’s all-in-one performance stage to host musical performances, entertainers, or event announcements. Included when you book Soundbite

  • Stage set-up including external speakers and audio system
  • Soundbite production manager on-site during the performance to manage sound
  • Additional Option: recording of the performance through a studio board

Recording Studio

Four guests touring Soundbite Close up of the studio microphone Host interviewing kid inside Soundbite studio Host interviews group of seniors

Create audio recordings to share privately or on your social media channels. Soundbite’s experienced production staff is available to help record guest stories and sentiments. Soundbite’s We Serve campaign has great examples audiocasts created in Soundbite’s studio. Included with Soundbite:

  • Soundbite producer who will greet guests and advise on recording techniques
  • A copy of the saved raw audio content provided on USB drive
  • Additional Optional: Audio mastering of the raw audio file to eliminate extraneous sounds and level sound

Food Truck

Vendor handing food to customer Tray of doughnuts Cans of beverages and a hot dog KJZZ coffee mug

Soundbite’s preferred Food Truck vendor is ShortLeash Hotdogs. ShortLeash has a standard food truck menu plus numerous catering options that can be crafted to meet your needs.