Through music, story, and food, Soundbite creates engaging community experiences. Soundbite’s attention grabbing presence attracts audiences through broadcast music or  live entertainment on Soundbite’s performance stage or events broadcasted from the stage.  Soundbite’s fully equipped recording studio is the perfect place to capture stories and attendee sentiment. Rounding out the experience, event visitors enjoy delectable cuisine from Soundbite’s fully equipped kitchen.  Soundbite is a project sponsored by your public radio stations, KJZZ and K-BACH,  whose mission is to assure the future vitality and excellence of public radio within Maricopa County.

Why book Soundbite?

Create a focal point for your event. Soundbite is BIG and attracts a LOT of attention. Use the truck’s stage and/or sound equipment to deliver entertaining and engaging music and performances.

Create authentic audio content that advances your mission. Use Soundbite’s professional staff and recording studio to capture quality interviews and stories that you have exclusive rights to use to promote your community or your event and is perfect for posting on Social Media to further your brand.

Planning a corporate celebration or a private party? Soundbite is an convenient, all-in-one performance stage & food truck that saves you the hassle and cost of booking equipment. PLUS, if you need help booking music Soundbite staff can help!

Do you have space for Soundbite?

Soundbite needs at least 25 feet of clearance to get through any opening and at least 40 feet to park or approximately 7 standard parking spaces. The parking area must be able to support 30,000 lbs. in weight.  Soundbite can’t be accommodated in most city streets or most public properties without obtaining a special permit.

Technical Specifications

Soundbite truck side view

How much does it cost?

Depending on how many hours  and the services that you would like, pricing for Soundbite  ranges from around $1050 for a 2 hour event and  to $1500  for a full day event.  Contact us for an estimate.