Event Requirements

Sound Bite is’s bold...and it’s beautiful! But again, it’s big! For Soundbite to perform the way it’s intended it needs at least 40 feet to park. Parking must be on private property, and include enough room for setup, the party, and the wrap-up. How much is 40 feet? Well, that’s about seven standard parking spaces. Also, keep in mind Soundbite needs at least 25 feet of clearance if you’re planning on it getting through any opening. The area must be able to support 30,000 lbs. in weight. Due to its grandeur, Soundbite, can’t be accommodated in most city streets or most public properties without obtaining a special permit. 

Truck Fee

There is a standard $600 fee for the use of Soundbite in addition to any of the chosen packages.

Just the Stage


Our producer will: 

  • Lower the stage, assemble the stairs, and provide instruction on how to use the stage.

Use of Audio Recording and Recording Studio

$200/hour with a two-hour minimum. Included is a producer who provides the following services:  

  • Greets and welcomes guests and advises them on recording techniques.
  • Provides brief instruction on how to record an audio message or story.
  • Sets up and operates recording equipment.
  • Provides guidance on microphone placement and speaking.
  • Helps ensure audio is recorded professionally, and saved to a safe source.
  • Provides a saved copy of recorded raw multimedia to client.

Use of Performance Stage and Audio System

$250/hour with a two-hour minimum. Included is everything from the previous package plus:

  • Instruction provided on how to use the stage.
  • Setting up provided external audio and speaker system.
  • Arrange recording of performance through studio board.

Use of Studio with Producer to Create Unique Material

$3,000 for 30 minutes of professional editing services resulting in one minute of professionally produced multimedia content. 

  • Rental of the sound studio with a producer to operate recording equipment from the control room.
  • Will work with event’s guests to provide set recording times to record personal stories, two way interviews, etc. in the sound insulated studio 
  • Will work with editing software to provide a customized & edited personal audio program (up to 30 minutes) of the private event.
  • Will mix in music provided by the booking party for personal use only.

How to Book

Looking to book Soundbite or even looking to have a mobile stage is as easy as 1...2...3.

  1. Visit our contact page, to send an inquiry about available dates. 
  2. Confirm dates and deposits when contacted. Final payments due at the time of the event. 
  3. Enjoy Soundbite turning your next function into something truly indelible.

Boring Stuff We Have to Say

Booking the Mobile Productions studio/control room or performance stage in no way indicates that any of the content generated, recorded or archived will be distributed via KJZZ, K-BACH, SPOT 127 or Sun Sounds of Arizona, or on any of the stations’ channels/streams. In addition, KJZZ/KBACH Management has the right to review and approve all performers and their content/performances, and reserves the right to refuse rental of facilities due to decency and obscenity laws. FPRAZ Mobile Productions, LLC. Soundbite is contractually operated by Best In Show Events, LLC arrangements and agreements are made between the Operator and Contractor, FPRAZ is not liable for these contracts.